Why Shop Our Tire Store?

There are dozens of options for new tires in San Antonio. With all those choices, why should Gillman Honda San Antonio still be your first choice when you need tires for your Honda vehicle?


When Do You Need New Honda Tires?

Before we go much further, let's explore why you need new tires. 

  • You have more than 50,000 miles or more on your tires 
  • Your tires - including your spare - are more than five years old, regardless of mileage
  • Your tread depth is shallow; the U.S. Department of Transportation recommends replacing tires when they reach 2/32 of an inch of tread depth
  • Your tires have sidewall or tread damage that can't be repaired
  • Though they look fine, your tires frequently lose pressure
  • You notice that your fuel economy isn't what it used to be

Benefits of Buying from Gillman Honda San Antonio

Now that you know the reasons to replace your tires, the next question is, "Why Gillman Honda San Antonio?"

  • Better selection: Our Honda dealership isn't tied to a single brand, so there's a more diverse selection.
  • Better tires: Cheap tires don't last, which is why we only stock OEM-spec tires that go the distance.
  • Purchase protection: You get two years of road hazard coverage, plus free tire rotations for the life of your purchase of four tires.
  • Price match guarantee: If you saw it cheaper somewhere else, we will match the price.We offer price match guarantee for local retailers only.
  • Convenience: From our location in San Antonio, to our Express Service, we keep Honda service
  • Family owned: The Gillman family of dealerships has served Texas drivers' needs for more than 80 years.

Tire Service Isn't Just New Tires

Tires don't talk, but that doesn't mean that they can't "say" plenty to an experienced Honda technician. Tire wear patterns can tell us a lot about how your vehicle is performing, and the other kinds of service it might need, including wheel alignment, brake service, or steering/suspension maintenance. These, of course, are in addition to our tire services that include tire rotations, balances, and air pressure adjustments.

Honda Service Saves Money

If you're shopping on price, that's all the more reason to visit Gillman Honda San Antonio. OEM Honda parts save you money by working right the first time, and by lasting longer. Furthermore, maintenance protects your investment by keeping you on the right side of your lease agreement and warranty. 

There's something else, as well. Our Honda service and parts offers cover essentials from oil changes to brake service. It's just one more way we take better care of our customers and their vehicles, so stop by today for new tires, tire service, and everything in between. 

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