Your ownership experience doesn't end when you drive a new or pre-owned Honda Accord off the Gillman Honda San Antonio lot. It's just beginning. One of the most important things you can do to make sure your Honda vehicle lives up to its reputation for reliability is to ensure its maintained properly. Luckily for you, we're equipped to do just that.


Why Vehicle Maintenance Matters

Honda vehicles can easily last for hundreds of thousands of miles, but there's a catch: fail to maintain your car and all bets are off.

Each vehicle's key maintenance requirements - spelled out in your owner's manual - will be a bit different. Broadly speaking, however, there are some key components and systems that need attention:

  • Oil changes, because aged oil leads to engine wear
  • Brakes, since worn brakes lack stopping power
  • Fluids, which should be changed periodically and not just topped off
  • Filters, which keep fuel, water, and air clean
  • Belts and hoses, which are all too often neglected
  • Tires, which need to be rotated or changed periodically
  • Alignment, which should be checked and adjusted with every tire service

If you're not sure of the proper maintenance schedule for your vehicle (or if you've mislaid the owner's manual), call your Honda dealership for assistance. We'll get you back on schedule.

The Gillman Honda San Antonio Service Center

Getting your car serviced at a Honda dealership has its advantages. Coming here for Honda service near New Braunfels ensures OEM parts installed by Honda-trained technicians.

We love our technicians, but they're not the only reason to visit Gillman Honda San Antonio. In addition to repairs and maintenance covering your car from bumper to bumper, we also offer Texas State Inspections and Honda Express Service tailored to fit your busy schedule. We're open from 7 to 7 Monday to Friday and 8-5 Friday, making it easy to find time to drop off or pick up.

Schedule Your Honda Service Appointment Today

Whatever brings you to your Selma, TX Honda car dealership - sales, parts, service, or just a quick question about a Honda car you've seen a commercial for - we're always at your service. Feel free to call (888) 561-5716, or you're always welcome to visit the Gillman Honda showroom at 16044 Interstate 35 in Selma, TX.

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