Your Car's Tire Tread

With winter almost upon us it is that time of year where it behooves us to have our cars maintenanced to make sure they are prepared for the upcoming months. Having all the fluids checked or changed, and having the brakes and tires replaced are all essential to keeping you safe out on the roads. It is easiest to get your vehicle checked at the beginning of each season, it is a good timetable of routine maintenance.

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Return Your Lease at Gillman Honda of San Antonio for $350 CASH!

At Gillman Honda of San Antonio, we always have your back. Whether it’s a new car you seek or something pre-owned, our knowledgeable staff will always lead you in the right direction to find a car that feels right for you. But, right now at your local San Antonio, we're taking our generosity a step further this holiday season for those leasing Honda vehicles. Right now if you return your lease to our…
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Get Your Car Checked Before Making a Food Voyage

It is the holiday season, and all you can think about is getting to your Aunt’s pumpkin pie and all her other fixings. You usually do not have to bring anything except your appetite. However, this year is a little different. You are required to cook a dish yourself. As tedious as this is, deep down you hope it can compare with your Aunt’s, so you prepare to cook and package it with care.


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Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid, And Coolant - Oh My!

We, as humans, must have fluids in our bodies at all times to function. Vehicles are constantly in need of fluids to keep them functioning as normal. Let’s detail two of the most popular fluids that every modern vehicle needs to work as they’re supposed to. Transmission fluid helps switch gears, in both automatic and manual versions of vehicles. Without it, the gears in the aptly-named gearbox would quickly wear down, causing slips and potentially vehicular failure.

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Transport Your Food Safely

Sharing food is one of the best moments in any gathering. People are continuously planning to meet especially this coming holiday season. Whether a party, wedding or any other function, arriving with your food intact is everybody's concern. Follow these tips to ensure you don’t cause any trouble while transporting your food.
• Ensure you have correctly sealed all your food before traveling to avoid spillage and also cross contaminating.
• Secure your food away from the passenger compartment in your car’s cargo space to prevent any accidents....

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Explore Your Anticipated Cost of Car Ownership

How do you lower the total cost of new Honda car ownership? Be prepared! Vehicles are everywhere we look. Unfortunately, cars and trucks are not cheap to purchase or maintain, costing potential owners thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands of dollars. Whether you lease or finance the purchase of a car, you can do several things to save money and prevent yourself from spending unnecessarily. Let's dig into a few factors that you should pay attention to in lowering your total cost of vehicular ownership.

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Team Honda Week of Service

Gillman Honda San Antonio loves giving back to the San Antonio community, which is why every year in June, we work with the community and Habitat for Humanity to build homes for the less fortunate in our area. 

The Honda brand and its North American business partners, including Gillman Honda San Antonio, conducted its second annual National Week of Service from June 9 to June 18, 2017. During this week of volunteer efforts in U…
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Travel Safety Tips for You and Your Holiday Dishes

When traveling with cooked food during the holidays, there are a few things to do to keep your vehicle safe from spills - and things that you don’t want to do. Gillman Honda San Antonio wants to keep your travel safe as well as your food.


  • Do put your food items in stable crates or boxes.
  • Do keep liquid-based items on the bottom.
  • Do use lock-tight containers.
  • Do transport hot food within two hours of being cooked.
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Need a Great Holiday Road Trip? Here are the Tips

Many families plan on going places during the holiday season either for adventure or to meet with their family members. To remain comfortable during the journey, for those who prefer a road trip, below are essential tips to make your holiday road trip enjoyable.
• Make sure that your vehicle goes through the services required to keep it maintained. Check your car’s gear, tires and all other parts to make sure they are okay.
• Before you start the journey, familiarize yourself with the all the routes you will pass through.
• Keep all the loads you carry in the trunk of…
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