Synthetic Oil Is Better Than Conventional Motor Oil

At Gillman Honda San Antonio, we want you to understand the importance of using synthetic motor oil on your vehicle. So, what makes synthetic oil so great? Synthetic oil has been chemically modified by scientists to have better resistance to sludge and thermal breakdown. Because it has a higher viscosity index and less evaporative loss, it is a better option than conventional motor oil when performing an oil change. You also have the cheaper option of putting a synthetic blend of motor oil in your vehicle, which is simply a mix between synthetic and conventional motor oils.

We care about the performance of your vehicle just as much as you do. Bring your car into us in Selma where we always use the oil that is recommended for your vehicle, in order to prolong the life of your motor and properly lubricate all of its parts. Take care of your vehicle by using the best motor oil possible!



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