Let's Explore Apple CarPlay at Gillman Honda San Antonio

There are many technology features on the market that enhance your driving experience. One popular technology system that is offered with many vehicles is Apple CarPlay, which lets you connect to your iPhone for instant access to music, apps, and more.

Apple CarPlay supports Apple Maps. Apple Maps displays clear directions on your dashboard and advises you on which lane is best for making a safe turn. It even displays the speed limit on the dashboard to help keep you in check. When you need directions to a location, all you have to do is ask when you activate Siri voice control.

Apple CarPlay supports a wide range of apps from your iPhone, and you can customize your dashboard to mimic the home screen on your phone. With Apple CarPlay, you can listen to music with your Apple Music subscription, iTunes, or third-party music apps. There are many voice, audio, and messaging apps supported by Apple CarPlay.



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