It's Wise To Know About Four-Wheel Drive Before You Need To Use It

As a valued customer of Gillman Honda San Antonio, we want you to be as informed and knowledgeable about the features and capabilities of your vehicle before you hit the streets of Selma. When the vehicle in question is a truck or an SUV, the discussion must include features not found in other vehicles such as four-wheel drive. It is important to know the difference between the two settings and when to use them.

Four-wheel drive in a vehicle comes in two modes. The first mode is four-high/4H. When this mode is engaged, the vehicle can drive normal speeds. It is best to engage 4H when road conditions are wet, icy, or there is snow on the ground. It is also useful in flat off-road conditions composed of loose dirt, gravel or even mud.

Four-low/4L is the other four-wheel drive mode. This mode is best utilized in situations when more torque is needed such as in deeper snow, mud, or water crossings. This is also the mode that you want to be in when climbing or descending an uneven hill. This mode functions at low speeds.



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