Honda Master Certified Technicians at Gillman Honda San Antonio


When you buy a new Honda car from Gillman Honda San Antonio, it’s only the first step in your Honda ownership journey. Like any vehicle, Honda cars require regular maintenance in order to unlock their maximum potential performance. Instead of bringing your prized Honda car to a shady garage with unqualified mechanics, take it our Honda service center, which features prompt and friendly service by our team of technicians, some of which are designated as Honda Master Certified Technicians.

In order to become a Honda Master Certified Technician, a person must go through a rigorous training process, which includes completing 249 online self-study modules as well as 79 in-person classroom modules. Clearly, this is no easy feat and requires years of experience. In fact, only 15 percent of all Honda technicians ever achieve the Master Tech status.

Honda Master Certified Technicians also must continue their education and training by completing additional modules every time Honda releases a new model. Depending on the individual, the certification process typically takes three years to complete.

Here at Gillman Honda San Antonio, we are proud to say that we employ some Honda Master Certified Technicians at our Honda service center. Bringing your used Honda car into one of these technicians gives you proper peace of mind that you’ll get it back in top condition. Our Master Techs are pros in all aspects of vehicle maintenance, but some of the most common types of repairs that we perform are four-wheel alignment, tire rotations, brake flushes, brake service, battery service, tire service, and transmission service.

Bring your vehicle into a Honda Master Certified Technician here at Gillman Honda San Antonio. We have one of the largest staff of Honda Master Certified Technicians, so you know you'll have all the support you need. See you soon!

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