Why Your Tires Need Proper Inflation and Tread

Maintaining proper tire tread and pressure is not only essential to the proper operation of your vehicle, but it also plays into the safety aspect of when you are on the road. Here is why you or your technician should periodically check both to ensure that your vehicle is performing at its best.

Improper tire pressure means your tires are either underinflated or overinflated. Underinflation is particularly dangerous as it can result in a blowout on the road, which can lead to loss of control and an accident. Keeping tires properly inflated will help them last longer and give you better gas mileage and traction.

Tire tread helps you maintain traction on the road. As you drive, the surface of the tires wears off. Bald tires are dangerous and can also cause an accident. Make sure that your tires have a tread depth of at least 2/32".



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