Dimming Mirrors Have Automatic Hardware and Advanced Components

During the night in San Antonio, the process of focusing of the road can be challenging when a trailing driver shines headlights on the highest setting. Many automobile engineers understand that glare from bright lights is a problem on the road, and this is why dimming mirrors are included with most automobiles.

Within an automatic dimming mirror's housing, there are two sensors. The types of sensors vary; however, a typical mirror for a standard car will have photodetectors or cameras. Both sensors have hardware that interacts with microprocessor components. When light shines on an auto-dimming mirror, the microprocessor activates and blocks glare by charging a gel. Oxidation happens when the processor creates electrical charges, and the gel changes colors. When the gel gets very dark, it effectively stops intense glare.

Gillman Honda San Antonio sells a variety of modern cars that have a dimming mirror. If you operate one of these vehicles, you'll never have to deal with glare.



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