Traveling with Pets - Safety Should Always Come First

When traveling with your pets, safety should always come first. Traveling safely can mean the difference between a fun and a stressful trip. We at Gillman Honda San Antonio want you and your pet to have safe travels every time you leave your home and would love to share some tips on how to do just that.
• Do not let the pet roam freely in the vehicle.
• Bring a jug of water.
• Do not let the dog eat before a long trip.
• Keep the pet in a crate or kennel and off your lap.
• Make sure the pet’s ID tag is securely fastened to his or her collar.
• Do not let your dog’s head hang out the window.

Stop at our dealership and check out the many pet-friendly vehicles we have on hand. If you’d like, bring your pet along and take a vehicle out for a test drive.



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