Try Out These Tailgating Tips at the Next Game!

Gillman Honda San Antonio is always excited for tailgating season. If you have a pickup truck and want to try tailgating before the games this year, we have some tips for the community of Selma! Staying organized, starting early, and leaving early, are crucial to having a blast before the game.

Pack up all of your things the night before the game. Make sure everything is prepped and chilled. Then, the coolers are easy to load in the morning when everyone is rushing around. Make sure your cooler is full, so warm air doesn't get in and melt the ice faster.

Have a first aid kit and a cleaning station for everyone to use. If you have friends or family meeting you for tailgating, mark your truck with a balloon of a specific color. Labeling everything, including your coolers, is a great way to help your guests feel comfortable when they help themselves as you cook.



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