How to Properly Replace a Flat Tire

Trust us at Gillman Honda San Antonio, you don't always have time to wait for roadside assistance to arrive. For that reason and others, we want to help you learn today how to change a flat.

If a tire loses air while you are driving, you will likely feel the impulse to pull over and stop immediately. Instead, slow your car to a safe speed while you seek a level and firm place to stop. After you gather your jack, lug wrench and spare tire from your trunk, slightly loosen your flat tire's lug nuts before you raise your car. The ground's leverage will assist you.

With your car in the air, finish loosening the nuts. Swap your tires, and replace the lug nuts. You should also finish tightening the nuts with assistance from the ground after you lower your car. Once you're back on the road, do not exceed the maximum speed for your spare tire.



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