Getting the Right Supplies for a Roadside Emergency

We seldom plan to break down on the highway, yet it can still happen, it's usually when we least expect it. The most important thing is to make the situation as safe as possible for you and others passing by. Stop at Gillman Honda San Antonio and let us offer you some tips on roadside safety.

Here are some safety tips.

• Pull off the highway as far from traffic as possible.
• If your vehicle is in a dangerous location, move away from the vehicle.
• Put out emergency flares and keep them far from your vehicle.
• Stay in the vehicle with doors locked, and don’t speak to strangers.
• Call for emergency assistance.
• Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle.

In addition to exercising safety, it’s important to have a few supplies on hand. Visit our San Antonio dealership and let us show you what we have on hand in the way of supplies.



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