Debadging Your Car: Clean Up After Removal

Here at Gillman Honda San Antonio, we want you to be well-versed in all aspects of car care. If you've decided to debadge your car, either for aesthetics or to remove trim package indications, you'll want to ensure you clean and wax the area after removal for a sharp appearance.

First, use warm soapy water to gently cleanse away any remaining adhesive or other agents left from the removal. A sponge can be used to lightly scrub the area to remove anything left.

Once the area is thoroughly dried, air drying for one to two hours is recommended, you're ready to wax. Evenly apply car wax to your vehicle. For best results, apply the wax in a cool, shady area.

Need help or have questions about debadging? Our team at Gillman Honda San Antonio would be happy to help you!



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