Oil Viscosity is Important During a Maintenance Routine

When you consider a motor oil's viscosity level, you can complete maintenance routines properly without damaging your engine. If you learn the different viscosity options, you'll have no problems selecting a proper motor oil product for a specific type of automobile.

A motor oil's viscosity influences how much oil can prevent movement within an engine. If a product has a high viscosity, it will travel slower through a motor, and an oil with a high viscosity glides quickly in and around engine hardware.

When the temperature drops, you can protect an engine by using a low-viscosity motor oil. This blends is very thick, so it can handle cold weather more efficiently than a high-viscosity oil.

Besides these uses, there are many other ways you can enhance and protect an engine in various environment with motor oil. If you want to equip your car with the best oil that suits your driving habits, visit Gillman Honda San Antonio today for vehicle maintenance. We tackle oil and engine maintenance routines for locals in San Antonio and surrounding areas.



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