Is Your Engine Overheating?

Having your vehicle’s cooling system inspected regularly can save you money. The cooling system is responsible for removing built-up heat. If the engine is allowed to get hot, parts will begin to break.

Pistons that become hot start to expand, and once they do, they can not fit in the cylinders. The pistons will rub and scrape the cylinders. Overheating damages both the pistons and cylinders. The radiator or heater hose can burst when a car overheats. This can be a dangerous condition. Scalding steam is created when this happens.

When you see the warning light come on the dashboard or the temperature gauge peg to hot, you need to get the engine cooled off. Ask your dealer what steps you should take with your type of vehicle if this ever happens. The way to prevent this type of damage is to get your car inspected often. Contact our Honda service technicians here at Gillman Honda San Antonio, conveniently located in Selma, TX to make an appointment today.


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