Be Prepared With Jumper Cables

It's never a good thing when the car doesn't start, but it can happen to anyone. Even strangers sometimes ask people they don't know for a jumpstart. If this should ever happen to you, it is best to be prepared and here's how Gillman Honda San Antonio says you can do that.

  1. Carry jumper cables in your vehicle at all times.
  2. Identify the positive end of jumper cables by looking for the color red.
  3. Identify positive battery posts by looking for red, or the larger post is typically positive.
  4. Park the car with a good battery nose to nose with the one with the dead battery and turn both ignition switches to the off position.
  5. Open the hoods on both vehicles and place the jumper cable clamps on the corresponding posts of the dead battery.
  6. Clamp the other ends of the jumper cables to the corresponding battery posts ending with the negative clamp.
  7. Start the car with the charged battery and leave it running.
  8. After allowing a few minutes for the dead battery to charge, try the ignition to see if it will start.

If all goes well, you will have made a new friend and sent them on their way. If you need a new battery for your car or it's time for maintenance, stop by our Honda service facility in Selma, TX soon!

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