An Opportunity You Don’t Want to Miss

Hurricane Harvey undoubtedly made an impact on our lives, from loss to destruction. It is estimated that nearly 1,000,000 vehicles were destroyed in the wake of this hurricane, which means that a good fraction of the population is currently without a car. In an effort to help out, we are fully committed to offering exceptional trade-in values in order to acquire a larger pre-owned inventory here at our Honda dealership in Schertz.

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Why You Should Have Your Battery Tested Regularly

​Your car's battery is important, not only to run a car's electrical components while you're driving, but also in order to make sure your vehicle's engine starts properly in the first place. This makes it one of the most important parts in your car, but also one of the parts under the most load, which can eventually wear it down. After some time, it may become necessary to look for a replacement battery.

When your car begins taking a long time to start, the horn doesn't have the same punch it used to, and your…
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Gillman Honda San Antonio: President’s Award Recipient

There’s no denying that the automotive industry is fiercely competitive, but that is no problem for us at Gillman Honda San Antonio. The President’s Award from American Honda was bestowed upon our San Antonio Honda dealership for 2016, and we couldn’t be happier. This award means the world to us, especially since only 152 Honda dealerships—out of more than 1000—in the United States were recognized for this honor.

We were…
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Honda Financing at Gillman Honda San Antonio

Honda Financing at Gillman Honda San AntonioFor those who are in the market for a new or pre-owned Honda car, we understand that you may be hesitant to purchase because of the price tag. However, all of your worries will wash away when you shop with us at Gillman Honda San Antonio. We ensure that the entire process runs smoothly from start to finish.

If you’re unfamiliar with what financing even is, we’ll…
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A Look at the 2018 Honda HR-V

Take to the streets in the new 2018 Honda HR-V as soon as today! From its compelling ride to its versatile cabin, the 2018 model year of this renowned Honda model certainly doesn’t miss a beat. Come on down to our Honda dealership, Gillman Honda San Antonio, to see it up close and in person.

Performance is key in a crossover, and the 2018 Honda HR-V is the perfect example of a car giving…
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Categories: , , Gives Some Good Advice & Some Bad Advice on Escaping a Flooded Vehicle

Post Hurricane Harvey, everyone in Texas is thinking in survival mode—even in San Antonio, where we weren't severely affected. What if you got caught in a flash-flood while driving your Honda? How would you escape? recently posted a list of do's and don'ts for just such a scenario, most of which is good:

  • Do stay calm
  • Don't stay in the car
  • Do roll down the windows and climb out
  • Don't try to save your possessions

However, we couldn't help feel alarmed at their advice "Do not try to break windows to…

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Should You Buy Your Leased Honda Vehicle if You've Driven it Too Hard?

Between your dogs, surprisingly-destructive kids, and high-mileage lifestyle driving both to activities all over Texas, your once-new Honda lease has seen better days. The odometer reads way above what you agreed to on the lease paperwork, and you're fairly sure the interiors are not going to pass the excessive wear-and-tear inspection.

What are your options?

If you lease a new Honda again, you may qualify to have some of the fees waived, but another option—if you like your current leased vehicle—is to purchase it.

When you buy your Honda vehicle, there's no need to worry about…

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Back-to-School Tips: Starting a Carpool

High schools and elementary schools around San Antonio are opening their doors for another school year. You've bought a fresh set of notebooks, binders, and pencils. Now there's only one thing left to do—figure out how your kids are getting to class.

Many schools have their own buses, and some city schools can be reached via public transportation, but those methods don't work for everyone. You're driving a spacious three-row 2017 Honda Pilot, so you figure, "Why not start a neighborhood carpool?"

Carpooling is a great way for parents to team up and help everyone…

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A Successful Back to School Bash

At Gillman Honda San Antonio, we would like to take a moment and extend our gratitude. many of you know, August 19th was our first—and certainly not last—Back to School Bash featuring new Honda cars! We are extremely fortunate and thankful for all who came out and enjoyed the festivities, as well as those who contributed. 

During this bash, we passed out nearly 400 backpacks to students to start the school year off…
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